Australia, A huge country. When I was a child I always thought it was strange for people to live on the other side of the earth and that they were sort of hanging on the earth just below us. As Australians are our antipedes. Far away from my homecountry I found a country I really like, and surprisingly I also found a lot of Dutch people or people with Dutch relatives there. This country also has a huge amount of unspilled nature. I went to visit the Blue Mountains a large forestarea with a lot of waterfalls.

An overview of the Blue Mountains
just one of many falls
Wentworth falls
Wentworth falls

Besides the beautifull nature of the blue mountains I also visited the lively city of Sydney..

Sydney Harbour bridge
Opera house
Opera house
Opera house
Sydney's tower
The view from the tower
A wonderful castle near the Opera house
Another viewpoint
A church in Sydney
The Sydney Aquarium
A seal in the Aquarium
The expo building
An old industrial plant
The library
The royal National park