Egypt is a country is an Arabian country in the Northeast of Africa. Famous for its old culture. That's one of the reasons I wanted to see it for a long time. Finally In February and March 2002 I got the chance to go there. I tried to spend as much time as possible looking around. And I made a lot of pictures of which I will share "just a few" with you.

The Egyptian Museum, in neoclassical style, which houses the famous mummies, was one of the first things I paid a visit.
Near the entrance you will find a lot of Sarcophagus.
The more beautiful one just for King Tutanchamon
The mask of King Tutanchamon
It also houses a lot of statues.
The pyramids as seen from the road when driving out of Cairo
Approaching the grounds.. On the left side the somewhat smaller pyramid is that of Mycerinus(still 62 m high(originally 66,5m)), the middle one is that of Chephren, and the right one is the famous pyramid of Cheops, In front of the right one you see a queens pyramid which I have climbed.
The often made.. I have been there picture, just outside the grounds.
Getting closer.. The pyramid of Chephren (height 136,5 m originally 143,5 m)
On this picture you get an idea on the size of the pieces of rock used. THis is the Pyramid of Cheops which I have also entered. You can see the entrance slightly to the right-top side of the center of the image.
The pyramid of Cheops as seen from the top of a somewhat smaller queens' pyramid (The complex at Giza houses 9 pyramids of which only 3 are really big and 6 are called queens' pyramids) A shame that nobody was at the bottom of this pyramid to take a picture, so you will just have to believe me.
Lots of people were trying to sell rides on camel like this one.
We could enter a few tombs.
And some more.
I just thought I needed more pictures of this place.
The second visit I made to the Pyramids was after official closing time. A local "watchman" however was very friendly and showed us a route into the complex. He was good friends with the tourist police so they let us on the site. The routing was through the slums so we had a chance to take pictures like these.
So there we were after closing time.
Allowing the opportunity to take a nice picture of a setting sun.
Shortly after this the sound and light show would start which we visited (the regular way)
During this show, the pyramids and Sphinx are floodlighted or use is made of laser to tell a story. The sphinx tells the story...
During the first visit I made some detailed pictures of the Sphinx, who is guarding the complex as well.
Quite a large piece of rock as well, with a length of almost 50 m.
And a huge head. Click on this image for a 1024*768 image usable as wallpaper.
A picture made from the side of the Sphinx.
Near the Khan el kalili souq you can find the Mosque of al-Azhar
Next to Khan el kalili is the Mosque of Sayyidna al-Hussein
If it is glossy it will attract, the seller must have been thinking
A medieval gate can be found in Khan el Kalili bazaar.
In this bazaar more medieval architecture can be found
Souvenirs for everyone.
Who needs a waterpipe?
Some hard work to make these copper plates.
Mohammed ALiMosque Mohammed Ali in the citadel
A gift from France in Mohammed Ali mosque
The ceiling in Mohammed Ali mosque
Mosque Nasir Mohammed
Cairo tower as seen form the Citadel
Mosques near the citadel
Inside a church in Coptic Cairo
St. Barbera church
St. George
The 6m high wooden doors at the st. george convent