Some pictures I have made in Malaysia.

Close to Kuala Lumpur you find a forest called Templers Park with a large series of waterfalls.
One of many Waterfalls
More Waterfalls
There are also monkeys in this park walking in the wild.
A natural temple I visited from a distance.
Getting closer
And closer
In front of the temple there were a lot of pigeons wanting to be fed.
And there were also monkeys being hungry wanting to be fed.
Or just feeding themselves...


A rikshaw in Melaka, a city which has been under Dutch Power. This can still be seen when looking at some buildings. Like the "Stadthuys"
Church in Melaka
A monument for victims of the Japanese war.
Policehorses in training..
The "stadhuys" of Melaka
A temple in Melaka
A monument near the cemetary of former colonialists
The entrance to the cemetary
Some of the tombstones of former Dutch Colonists
A detail..