New York

New York


The buildings that were still there when I saw them in August 2001. On my next visit to New York in November I had only a miserable view left..
The view that is left from the Empire state building without the famous towers.


Are there words to describe such horror?

Lots and lots of people put flowers and teddybears near ground zero to honor their loved ones.
More flowers
One of the helpers in the WTC project. Looking at the loads of flowers.
To honor the people who tried to help at the WTC.
A bronze remembrance plate
A pattriotic poem by Katherine Lee Bates on a the vehicle
Taken from the WTC by night
Taken from the WTC by night
Taken from the WTC
A picture with long shutter time taken from our Hotel.
44th street off Broadway

The famous Skyline

The Statue of liberty from the boat that took me there
THe statue of liberty
Once more.. a close-up
Ellis Island