To my opinion Oman is the most beautifull country in the middle east.. And it certainly has this status in the gulf region. It deserves this title due to the landscape which does not solely consist of deserts. But also has beautifull wadis, mountains and not to be forgootten the coastline. It also looks like there is a bit more culture in this country.

And I even haven't talked about its marine life. Where in the world do you meet large schools of dolphins (about a 1000 at the same time is no exception).And underwater there is more to see..


I have gone quite a few times for a dolphin watching trip with Arabian Sea Safaris. They organize for example the tour Dawn with the dolphins.. On just one of these trips I made the following pictures.


I must admit it was quite a lucky shot. Because dolphins are quite easy to see but difficult to photograph as they are real quick animals.. (35-40 km/hour) and great jumpers.
If you ever want to photograph them I advise you to use manual focus, semi-automatic at the most. And If you can afford it a quick camera. Because you have to shoot pictures fast... Otherwise you will end up with a lot of pictures of water..
Click this image to see it slightly larger.
One more flying dolphin.
A little late perhaps. But they are still clearly visible as having just dived into the water again..
These pictures and more.. just one single trip..
While snorkeling I have seen many White spotted eaglerays. Just as close as on these pictures (Which are however not taken by me but taken from a divesite on the net. I did not have an underwater camera, but I hope to take some like these myself soon.)
One more picture of the magnificent white spotted eagleray. I also saw black tip reef sharks, turtles, moray eels and a real lot of tropical fish. Diving/Snorkeling in Oman is like diving into an aquarium.
Our guide is trying to show us some crayfish. Unfortunately it seeked shelter in the small cave for the picture.
A moray eel. A very long fish. But most of the time only their heads are visible
And another one.
A giant turtle I saw underwater.
A castle you can see from the sea.
Some old parts of Oman where slavetrade took place. We visited this place on our way to the desert and to the wadis.
More pictures of it
And more
and more
Finally, crossing the desert. Sand everywhere.
We went to visit a bedouin family.
And were welcomed with coffee (Arabian coffee with kardamom off course).
An arabian welcome always includes oranges and figs.
Continuing our drive through the desert we meet a few camels.
Another camel which was also interested in us.
If you feel the need to stay overnight in the desert. A place like this is almost like heaven. Just a few simple huts in the middle of the desert.
And then the road we came for. Because this is the road which goes from the middle of the desert to a so called "wadi". A wet place, also known as oasis. I was really astonished to see such a fertile place in the middle of a dry place like this.
Because this tropical spot is not what you would expect in the middle of a desert. I can tell you that the spring is loaded with fish as well.
Just another view of the wadi.
Some local people invited me for a quick lunch. As it is very inpolite to refuse such offers in this region. I took some of the delicious chicken marsala.