Singapore is a small city state in the far east. With Tropical conditions as it is located almost around the equator. Temperatures are tropical and humidity is often very high. It is a place where people try to keep their city very clean and modern. It has a good side, but the law which made it forbidden for buildings to stay longer then 30 years also had its bad sides. Fortunately they still spared the Colonial Raffles hotel and Chinatown from being demolished. Most people when they think of Christmas think of Santa Claus and his Reindeers from the North Pole. Well Santa rode a long way on his sleigh to the Equator as they celebrate Christmas with a lot of decorations in Singapore including Santa and his Reindeers. People who like to shop should definitely see Singapore at least once in a lifetime. I think no other country in the world has so many shops on such limited space.

Singapore's Changi Airport
Singapore's Raffles Hotel
Singapore's Harbour

Sentosa Island

The cablecar to Sentosa Island, A small and beautifull island juts off the coast of Singapore which has a beautifull beach, theme park, golf court. In between Singapore and the island lies a harbour for luxury cruise ships.
The entrance to the Asian village on Sentosa
The Asian Village on Sentosa
The Asian village on Sentosa
The Merlion
The view from the Merlion
The bounty beach on Sentosa