Syria, one out of a lot of countries I visited in the middle-east region.

Krak des Chevaliers. Our prime objective for our trip which we made from Damascus. It is a well known medieval castle described by author Paul Theroux as the epitome of the dream castle of childhood fantasies; of jousts and armour and pennants. TE Lawrence simply called it :The finest castle in the world.

This castle was built in 1031 AD. But the crusaderknights expanded it largely in the 12th century.

The outside wall of the castle has 13 towers and the main entrance to the castle.

And surprisingly, there is a castle within the castle.

Just one of the very nice views you get at different places in the castle.
A view from the top of the castle.
Just another detail
One of the nice staircases in the castle.
A view from the top over the surroundings. You can clearly see the agricultural adaptions to the terrain, which is used for olivetrees.