Some pictures of our Hotel in Dar es Salaam, It has a really nice African atmosphere.
Having Breakfast outside, the African way
A picture of Bongoyo Island. An uninhabitated paradise for a day in the sun. If you enjoy snorkeling there is also a nice coral reef just about 20 meters off the coast of this Island, It even includes a shipwreck. Fresh fish will be made for you upon order. You can click on this picture to see a larger version with a bit more detail.
A small boat used to get to the island from the big boat which cannot go to the shore. Sylvester is the one who will to you to the Island. You will find him at the slipway which is only about 5 minutes from the KLM crew hotel.
In may 2003 I went on a safari to Mikumi National Park. Where I saw lots and lots of elephant, giraffe, impala, hippos and buffalo and some lions, jackals and other creatures.
We were able to see lots of elephant from a pretty close distance.
We found really large herds of Impala. About 200 to 300 of them per herd.
Two Jackals
These hippos were very friendly... at a safe distance
Blue Wildebeest or Gnoe
We also found a lot of Baboons
More elephants with a baby.