On my first working trip to California, whiuch was my first trip working as a pilot, I went to the Universal studios.

The Universal Studios. Also on the picture are Annemarie, Mike and Merel
Do you remember this building from the box office movie Back to the Future?
This Bridge collapses when you drive over it.. But it quickly rebuilds itself...

I also visited Disneyland in Anaheim (close to LA)

The Castle in Disneyland
Toon Town
And Mickey..


San Francisco

I was once in San Francisco during a roundtrip holiday in California.

Alcatraz prison

Alcatraz prison. The famous high-security prison in the United States. It was vey hard to escape from the island as the seawater was cold and it was a long swim to the shore. Alcatraz is now in use as a museum.


San Franciscos Bay bridge and skyline
The horsetrams San Francisco is famous for. They are pulled by a cable. Origanally these cablecars were pulled by horses.
Another Cable car
Pier 39, with its sealions



During the same roundtrip in California I made some pictures not associated with a major city but just with California.

A saloon as you expect it in a western movie. It is still in use and you can get great drinks inside.
Sequoais in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks

General Grant Tree, or The Nations Christmas Tree is a living shrine. Dominating its forest neighbors, the General Grant Tree is considered by many to have the most beautiful "classic" sequoai form. The fossil record indicates that ancient species first appeared in the western U.S. about 50 million years ago. Changing climatic conditions reduced its range to isolated groves along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. Congress created General Grant National Park in 1890, a 4 square mile area to protect the Big Trees from the lumberman's axe. In 1926 the tree was proclaimed the Nation's Christmas Tree, and annual celebrations are held at its base each December. More recently the Tree was dedicated as America's only living national shrine in memory of those who died defending this country.

  General Grant Tree General Sherman Tree
Estimated Age 1800-2000 years 2300-2700 years
Height above base 81.5m 83.5m
Circumference at base 32.8m 31.1m
Maximum diameter at base 12.3m 11.1m


The size of a giant Sequoia, compared to the size of a human being.
Death Valley Desert, one of the hottest places on earth during summer. luckily we were here in winter.
Yosemite National Park
Raindeer in Yosemite National Park.
A waterfall in Yosemite
Yosemite Falls
A Pelican in Santa Barbara
The pier in Santa Barbara
Sunset in Santa Barbara