The Perfect StormThe Perfect Storm by Heff

8 backs + faces

ExcaliburExcalibur (King Arthur) by Myself Hardwood Solitaire III deck

5 backs + faces + commons + jokers (COMPLETE)

Wicker ManThe Wicker Man by Laura Allard

8 backs + faces

DaredevilDaredevil Movie by Pandora

8 backs + faces

Modern movie monstersModern movie mosters by Pandora

8 backs + faces

PowerpuffCatwoman by Circe

4 backs + queens

MoviesA lot of movieposters by Lee Williamson

4 backs + faces + commons (COMPLETE DECK)

AliensAliens by Bloodycrow

4 backs + faces

Classic movie monstersClasssic movie monsters by Pandora

8 backs only

Harry PotterWell I read all Harry Potter books and saw the movie on the day it came out. So here is my new deck. As you can see I used an external editor (Adobe Photoshop) as well for some cards.

8 backs + faces + commons (COMPLETE DECK)

Hollywood Movies Hollywood movies by Mike Mitchell

8 backs + faces


The Titanic deck theme file by Basilikon

4 Backs + faces + commons + Titanic music (COMPLETE THEME)

Indiana JonesIndiana Jones by Kris Swank

8 backs + faces

CrusadeCrusade by Richard Brady

8 backs + faces

The MummyThe Mummy by Kris Swank

8 backs + faces

Lord of the RIngsSharon Wells' Lord of the Rings

8 backs + 2 sets of faces

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